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How the Rio 2016 Olympics logo was created

There's only a few days to go until the Olympics kick off in Rio, but the team at Tatil have had the games in mind for a lot longer. They created the logo design and identity package for Rio 2016; here creative manager Daniel Souza reveals some of the secrets behind their work. "Developing the visual identity for Rio 2016 was a unique project, and meant so much to me as a Brazilian. For our initial bid, we invested everything in a very intense journey, with only one month between briefing and d
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How to Grow From Freelancing to Founding Your Own Agency – Shopify

So you’ve carved out a successful career as a freelancer. The work is flowing in, and so is the money. Why would you want to put all that at risk, and go through the hassle of starting your own agency? The simple answer is this: The longer you stay a freelancer, the more you plateau. Your income is unlikely to dramatically improve. Your workload is unceasing, with no one to take the pressure off when it becomes overwhelming. Your financial security depends on constantly chasing new work, and
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5 photography trends you need to know about

No one likes to follow trends, right? Absolutely: it's much better to set them. But at the very least you need to have an awareness of what the current trends are. And when it comes to photography, we've identified five trends that are really making a difference across the board, from commercial to art photography. So whether you're a professional photographer, a creative who dabbles in photography from time to time, or a designer who licenses photography for use in your projects, here are the
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7 Tips to Calculate Your Freelance Rate – Shopify

You’ve just started freelancing. Your first potential client is on the phone and they ask you: "What’s your rate?" It sounds like the simplest question in the world. But judging your own monetary value is something newly independent web designers and developers can find extremely difficult. As a consequence, they usually start out charging far too little. “The biggest mistake freelancers make — especially young freelancers — is undervaluing their experience,” said web designer, educator, and p

How drawing actually feels with the Apple Pencil

With Apple set to launch the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in early November, we thought it was high time we took the new hardware for a road-test on some of the best iPad apps and let you know what we thought. Happily, this week Adobe is showing off its new drawing apps for iPad at its annual event, Adobe Max. So we got to kill three birds with one stone, by trying out their new Creative Cloud software on Apple's new hardware. At yesterday's event in Los Angeles, we took the Apple Pencil and the

Why Banksy's Dismaland is better than you ever expected

Earlier today I was lucky enough to be among the first set of public visitors to Dismaland, Banksy's post-apocalyptic theme park in the British seaside town of Weston-super-Mare. By now you've probably seen so many photos in blog posts, newspaper and TV reports, you may think it's not worth checking out the street art star's project in the flesh. If that's the case, I'd urge you to rethink. Firstly, most of the photos you've seen were taken

The Cinema 4D secrets of Iron Man's interface

It's one of the most iconic interfaces in movie history – Tony Stark's holographic HUD (heads-up display) has been an integral part of all the Iron Man movies to date. So when Cantina Creative and Territory Studio were given the job, among others, of creating it for one of the biggest 3D movies of 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was a huge responsibility to the franchise's millions of fans. Cantina Creative had designed HUDS and interface graphical designs in Iron Man 3, Iron Man 2 and The A

Brian May on why 3D is the new rock 'n' roll

If you think of stereoscopic 3D as a recent phenomenon, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, stereo photographs (known as 'stereoviews') were the in-thing as early as the 1860s. One popular series was Les Diableries, which portrayed sculpted clay vignettes of daily life in Hell. Shocking for their time, they may remind contemporary audiences of the devilish art typical of hard rock album covers. So it's perhaps not surprising that rock god Brian May is the man behind their 2014 revival, in the

Swifty on achieving your graphic design potential

When celebrated British designer Ian Swift, aka Swifty, takes his first look at the Creative Bloq homepage, he's not exactly bowled over. "This isn't really the kind of thing that I'm about," he says, shaking his head. "I'm not sure how I'm going to fit in here." It may surprise you to hear me, the associate editor, say this... but he has a point. Because while Creative Bloq is largely about quick, easily digestible tips and short, colourful bursts of inspiration, that alone is never going to b